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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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mission of a General Officer. My answer was finished June 12th, but not published till Aug. 2nd, under the title of A Cownter-Address to the Public, Qc.
June. I began The Castle of Otranto, a G-othie story, and finished it Aug. 6th.
Oct. 15th. Wrote the fable of TJie Magpie and her Brood for Miss Hotham, then near eleven years old, great-niece of Henrietta Hobart, Countess Dowager of Suffolk. It was taken from Les Nouvelles Eecreations de Bonaventure des Periers, Valet-de-Chambre to the Queen of Navarre.
Dec. 24th. The Castle of Otranto was published; 500 copies.
1765.   April  llth.    The 2nd edition of The Castle of Otrcmto; 500 copies.
Sept. 9th.    Set out for Paris.
End of this year wrote the Letter from the Sing of Prussia to Rousseau.
1766.    April 22nd.  Arrived in London, from Paris. June 28th, 29th.   Wrote an Account of the Giants lately
discovered.   It was published Aug. 25th following.
Aug. 18th. Began Memoirs of the Reign of George the Third.
1767.   Feb.  1.     Began the Detection of the Testament Politigue of my father at Strawberry Hill;  and finished it the next time I went thither, Feb. 17th.    Did not print it, as no translation was made into English of that fictitious work.
March 13th. Wrote to the Mayor of Lynn, that I did not intend to come into Parliament again.
A bad translation of The Castle of Otranto into French was published at Paris this month.
May 28th. My letter to the Mayor of Lynn was first published in the St. James's Chronicle.
Aug. 20th.   I went to Paris.   Wrote there an account of